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Inman Connect New York City – January 2016

Connect NYC was preceded by Snomaggeden this year, but by the time I arrived at LaGuardia, the snow was all but gone. Inman Connect is one of the best events in the real estate industry and it is repeated in San Francisco in the summer. My recommendation is to buy your tickets now, make your plans, and be there. There are many events to attend in the real estate industry, many not worth the time or the money…Connect is one of the exceptions.

It all began 20 years ago at the first Inman Connect amongst the Redwoods in Northern California. There were about 50 in attendance, and I was one of the lucky ones. The Internet was first being commercialized and real estate listings were yet to be found in any numbers on the web. One of the biggest issues facing the Internet and its progress was bandwidth.

Twenty years later the attendance is in the 3,000 range. The technology vendors, industry experts, and speakers gives one an idea of how fast things are changing. As always, there were lots of new technology vendors, as well as many recognizable industry players.

The excitement grew prior to the opening, with the help of a live band.

Music to raise the energy level with a live band

Brad’s opening remarks are always a highlight of the event…here is how he opened this year…

Brads opening

The first speaker was author and marketer, Seth Godin…his message has changed little over the years and is excellent, as well as entertaining. “Be different, or charge less…and charging less is a race to the bottom you cannot win.”

Seth Godin

The agenda includes panel after panel in many segments of the real estate industry, and some of the technologies being brought to the marketplace. Many of these technologies are adaptable to other verticals.

Major Challenges Facing MLSs Segment

A three hour session around MLS, consisting of a series of panel discussions, was enlightening.

David Charron, and a team of known MLS industry experts delivered.

Does the MLS Limit Progress?

How Many MLSs does the country need?

Today – 826

Tomorrow – 30 by 2030?

What Do Next Generation Real Estate Professionals Expect from Their MLS?

(Personally) I think what needs to be asked here is what percentage of the subscribers and participants of your MLS are NextGen…before rediging the future for a handful of the customers.


And concluding with:

Upstream from the Source

UpStream – What is it, what isn’t it?


upstream is a journey






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Conferences NAR Organization Of the Real Estate Industry

Raising the Bar for REALTOR® Associations

Back in the days when Internet Crusade operated  the e-PRO technology certification program for NAR, our mantra was “Raising the Bar, Without Leaving Anyone Behind.”

As noted in Inman News, the National Association of Realtors® is considering tougher core standards that would “raise the bar” for Realtor associations to ensure that even the smallest is capable of enforcing the Realtor® Code of Ethics, playing a political advocacy role, and operating a website promoting member programs, products and services. NAR’s board of directors is expected to vote whether to adopt the new standards on May 17 at NAR’s midyear conference, the Realtor Party Convention & Trade Expo, in Washington, D.C.  Before the vote, there will be three member forums to discuss the standards at the conference.

NAR CEO Dale Stinton has said that “Current threats to the system — commission-thirsty outsiders, broker/association and broker/MLS chafing, data syndication offenders … are real for sure, but they are also symptomatic of the larger problem — we are fractured and becoming more and more fragmented every day… Associations, he said, “must ‘raise our own bar’ as we ask our members to raise theirs.”

“If we are to be genuine in our efforts to brand our members as ‘the top of the food chain in real estate,’ the much discussed ‘trusted advisers’ in the space, should the system that supports them aspire to anything less for itself?”

The vote on the tougher core standards — as reported by the Organizational Alignment Presidential Advisory Group in its April 15, 2014 PAG Report — will be one of the hot topics at this month’s NAR midyear conference.

Audio replay of the 1 hour 47 minute webinar on the topic of Organizational Alignment Proposal  by NAR President Steve Brown,  CEO Dale Stinton, and Chair Andrea Bushnell —

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Conferences Realtor Information Network (RIN) REALTOR.COM

RIN President Ed Evans Speech to NAR Directors – January 1995

Ed had been on board a few months by the time of the NAR Mid Winter Meetings held in Orlando in January of 1995.

1995 Ed’s Speech at Mid-Winter Meetings

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Conferences MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Realtor Information Network (RIN) REALTOR.COM

RIN and Launch – NAR Trade Show and Conference – Atlanta November 1996

RIN had two sides, the public side and the private side. The public side was The private side was the RIN Network Desktop. Here is the first convention handout.

RIN Flyer photo 1 RIN Flyer Photo 2

NAR Trade Show and Conference – November 1995.

Trade Show Talking Points for Leadership. This was a big launch. Bob Goldberg had arranged for a motorized derigible to fly around the convention center. Rhoda, NAR Staffer who ran conventions, said no…something about insurance. I think Bob flew the ballon anyway.

Convention Status Leadership Director Fact Sheet

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First Inman Connect – Presentation By David B. Readerman – Montgomery Securities

Bandwidth, a limiting factor Broadband to the Home What is the Internet and How do I Access it Web economics

Who will pay for what on the Web

Presentation by David Readerman, CFA

David Readerman’s presentation on September 28, 1996 was entitled: Capitalizing the Web Infrastructure: Who Will Pay For What? Here are 5 graphics which cover:

Today: Bandwidth is a Limiting Factor; Delivering Broadband to the Home; What is the Internet, and How Do I Access It?; Web Economics; Advertisors Rate Card


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Summary of the First Connect, Submitted to NAR by Jeff Lubar

Jeff Lubar from NAR attended and submitted the following summary to Bob Goldberg, who at the time, was the Vice President of Marketing for the Realtors Information Network (RIN). Notice his closing statement on Page 2.

Jeff Lubbar email 1 (2)

Conference, technology

Summary of first Inman Connect Conference

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Inman Connect – 1996 List of Attendees

Who were the attendees at the first Connect?
The event took place in a clearing, in the woods, amongst giant redwood trees. Attendees stayed in different hotels and motels which were close. Internet access was impossible, which let everyone focus on “being there.” Here is the attendee list (where are they today):


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Inman News Connect – 1996 Agenda

One of the best real estate technology conferences in the country is also one of the first, if not the first, technology conference in the real estate industry. Industry leaders, and technology companies come together to “Connect.” Opportunities abound at Connect and I try to make it to both the New York City and the San Francisco Connects every year.

Over 1000 people will gather in San Francisco in a few weeks for the next edition of Connect. But it wasn’t always this way. The first Connect was conducted in Duncan Mills, CA. in September of 1996, at the front edge of the “Internet Bubble.” What was on the Agenda and who were the speakers? Take a look:

Connect Agenda - 1996

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