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Who is predicting the demise of Zillow?

I haven’t seen anyone predicting a Zillow demise, except Zillow employees who constantly repeat it, I guess, because they believe that is what they are seeing in posts across the Internet. To deny that there is any issue at Zillow around Move’s move to cut off Listhub listings is ridiculous.

Big deal Zillow, 43 new contracts in 12 days, many signed in haste because of artificial urgency that the hype and press has created…there are over 800 MLSs. A better barometer would be the listings that will be displayed from those feed contracts. But let’s wait and see what happens on April 7. Remember, contracts with MLSs do not mean listings necessarily. If your MLS does not send your listings to Zillow, and you want them there, then load them yourself.

So, at the rate of 43 in 12 days, you should have about 100 out of 850 MLSs by April 7. Hardly a critical mass.

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