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Listing Syndication MLS (Multiple Listing Service) REALTOR.COM

Before there was, there was HomeSelect

Richard Janssen had approximately 50 kiosks at Long’s Drug Stores around San Diego County in 1993. He had a contract for the “digital display” of listings placed by brokers into the Sandicor MLS. Caution: Avoid looking like “Public Access to MLS.” The MLS public access issue was very controversial in the early 1990s. Some members of the public argued that MLS should be regulated like a public utility.

Digital Home Display before the WWW. Home Select Brochure 02 Home Select Brochure 03 Home Select Brochure 04 Home Select Brochure 05 Home Select Brochure 06 Home Select Brochure 07

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First Inman Connect – Presentation By David B. Readerman – Montgomery Securities

Bandwidth, a limiting factor Broadband to the Home What is the Internet and How do I Access it Web economics

Who will pay for what on the Web

Presentation by David Readerman, CFA

David Readerman’s presentation on September 28, 1996 was entitled: Capitalizing the Web Infrastructure: Who Will Pay For What? Here are 5 graphics which cover:

Today: Bandwidth is a Limiting Factor; Delivering Broadband to the Home; What is the Internet, and How Do I Access It?; Web Economics; Advertisors Rate Card


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Summary of the First Connect, Submitted to NAR by Jeff Lubar

Jeff Lubar from NAR attended and submitted the following summary to Bob Goldberg, who at the time, was the Vice President of Marketing for the Realtors Information Network (RIN). Notice his closing statement on Page 2.

Jeff Lubbar email 1 (2)

Conference, technology

Summary of first Inman Connect Conference

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Inman Connect – 1996 List of Attendees

Who were the attendees at the first Connect?
The event took place in a clearing, in the woods, amongst giant redwood trees. Attendees stayed in different hotels and motels which were close. Internet access was impossible, which let everyone focus on “being there.” Here is the attendee list (where are they today):


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Inman News Connect – 1996 Agenda

One of the best real estate technology conferences in the country is also one of the first, if not the first, technology conference in the real estate industry. Industry leaders, and technology companies come together to “Connect.” Opportunities abound at Connect and I try to make it to both the New York City and the San Francisco Connects every year.

Over 1000 people will gather in San Francisco in a few weeks for the next edition of Connect. But it wasn’t always this way. The first Connect was conducted in Duncan Mills, CA. in September of 1996, at the front edge of the “Internet Bubble.” What was on the Agenda and who were the speakers? Take a look:

Connect Agenda - 1996

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