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Data is the New Solar

                Data is the New Solar

Write this down…
Put it where you can see it
Look at it every day.

Two authors who helped contextualize my ideas around data collection, display, and monetization are Alvin Toffler, and John Hagel.

Over the years, as I have worked to evangelize the concepts of data and information and its value to individuals, and to society, I, along with others, have been guilty of referring to data as the “new oil.”

In this article, John Hagel explains a powerful nuance…Solar is renewable…Oil is not.

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Property Management Outline

Property Management Outline
I owned and operated a property management division at my brokerage for over 20 years (with the assistance of my wife Janie :-).
We sold that “book of business” over 12 years ago and continue to get a check every month…got the most recent one yesterday
Managing a property is like managing a business. To do it right you must have a plan, and you must execute your plan. Each property you manage, each new tenant you meet will teach you more about the business of property management.
Remember that you will never know “all there is to know” about property management. Like everything in real estate, there is always more to learn. The more you read and study, the better off you will be. Landlord tenant law and contract law varies from state to state. A good source of information on the subject will be your local Apartment Association and your local Association of Realtors. This is where you earn your keep as an investor. It can make you or break you.
I. Establishing the Rental Schedule
II. Marketing – Advertising and Merchandising
III. Tenant Selection
IV. Maintenance
A. Preventive
B. Corrective
V. Record Keeping and Tax Benefits
VI. Leases and Rental Agreements
VII. Landlord-Tenant Relations
A. Rental Increases
B. Security Deposits
C. Termination of Tenancy
D. Eviction
E. Discrimination
VIII. Owners Goals
A. Income
1. Quantity
2. Quality
3. Durability
B. Appreciation – Based on income
1. I = R X V
2. V = GSI X GM
C. Tax Benefits
IX. Investment Property Types
A. Single Family/Condo/Co-op
B. Duplex/Triplex/Fourplex
C. Multi-Unit Residential
D. Office Building
E. Hotels and Motels
F. Shopping Centers
G. Mixed Use Buildings
X. Insurance
XI. Operational Plan
XII. Resident Manager
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Home Sales Decline in September

According to MBA Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni, “led by a 5.4 percent decline in the South, the drop in existing-home sales in September was likely somewhat related to the impact from Hurricane Florence. Beyond that, housing demand still remains strong, and is bolstered by an incredibly healthy job market. The lack of overall supply, at only 4.4 months at the current sales pace, continues to be the housing market’s primary constraint.”

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Long Island Board of REALTORS and MLSLI

Buildings of the Day
Long Island Board of REALTORS and MLSLI. Best bagels in the world!
I hear Joe Mottola, long time CEO of the Long Island Board is retiring.
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This might be helpful to new agents…anything you can add?

Since the average term of homeownership can be somewhere between 5 to 8 years, realize that everyday is a marketing day and the easiest people to reach (and those most inclined to listen to your message) are those you already know.

Go through your personal address book. Call, mail, or e-mail everyone in your personal address book to let them know that you are now in the real estate business and that you would love to hear their advice and of course, if they know anyone who is interested in buying or selling, that you would appreciate if they mention your name. Don’t be shy about this. Don’t feel like you can’t “impose” on your friends. If your friends won’t help you, who will? Ask if it is ok for you to give them an update on your progress after your first year.
Learn the art and science of sales. There have been many good books written on the subject.
Understand persuasion and how it fits into your business.
Think of yourself as a “helper” (no one wants to be “sold” something). After all, you are helping people with what is usually their most valuable asset, their home.
To be effective in sales, you need the following:
Product Knowledge
Sales and Communication Skills
Access to Potential Clients
Perseverance and Commitment
And let’s not forget….
Enough money (capital) to get you through start up and the lean times.
Pay attention to the future…as someone once told me…”that is where you will spend the rest of your life.”
And keep the flyer box full 🙂
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Update on The Jim Harrison Op-Ed published May 9, 2018

For those of us who know Jim Harrison, the Op Ed that ran on Inman was a very odd piece.

The sequence of events:

Op-Ed piece critical of NAR published on Inman

NAR response

Jim Harrison Retraction

Below reposted from FaceBook, response from a broker leader in California, Jeff Barnett.

(I am curious to know who the consultant was, so I know never to hire him/her).

Good morning. Sharing this message from Jeff Barnett with his permission and at his request:

“You may have seen an Op Ed piece this week on Inman News from Jim Harrison of MLSListings regarding NAR. It was not written by Jim or approved by Jim. It was written by an outside consultant hired to write an issues paper for our visit to NAR next week.

“Obviously this outside consultant expressed his own vindictive views of NAR. It was leaked to Inman News and Inman News is aware of this.You will soon see retractions coming out across the blogosphere.

“We are Embarrassed for all the trouble this has caused Bob Goldberg and our great leadership team and we apologize. Please Share this message!”


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Dot Brands hit the market

Several recent articles have focused on the increase use of the new Top-level Domains by brands, referred to as Dot Brands.

A multi-million dollar brand name that should be noted is the Dot REALTOR Top-Level Domain. Last month NAR made the switch to away from   Check it out.

Tony Kirsch, head of professional services at Neustar, in an article discussing the progress of Dot Brands, “2016: The Year That Was in .brands TLDs”, wrote:

“While some astonishing progress has been made in 2016, the .brand movement is by no means complete. I personally am thrilled to be heading into 2017 with such momentum behind us and I’m optimistic about the continued growth of the .brands space in the New Year.

Already this year we’ve been surprised by the creative approaches many brands have taken and we’re looking forward to seeing which companies will use 2017 to take .brands to places we haven’t considered before.

Perhaps 2017 will be the year in which mainstream advertising strategies adopt .brands as a unique, memorable call-to-action and the marketers of the world find significant value in creating more direct, meaningful customer relationships through smarter digital marketing.

With almost all .brands now added to the Internet, the game is on. Which brands will emerge as frontrunners and truly revolutionize the way we look at digital?

I don’t know the answer, but I sure am excited to find out.”

Some major launches noted were:

Google – consolidating news and updates from over 19 of Google’s corporate and product blogs, ‘The Keyword’ was launched at  in October, joining the internet giant’s retail domain name sales play at

Canon – one of a handful of ‘full transitions’ to .brands, the company’s global site is now at , with the existing domain redirecting to this awesome new site.

As well as: Dell, Deloitte, Chanel, Microsoft, Audi, Cisco, Fage, Orange, Komatsu, Shell, Mini, Lidl, Linde, Bradesco, Hotmail, NTT, UOL, Pictet, Windows, Bloomberg, Sky, Fox, Emerck, Weir and BNP Paribas are just a handful of the other organizations with live .brand websites.

According to another article  “Brand Top-Level Domain and Brand Value” by Guiillaume Pahud,

“Brands are an asset and have a value for organizations, as they generate revenue: Customers are happy to pay a premium for a brand they love. They will show a preference and be loyal to a brand they trust.

Some brands have decided, in 2012, that their name should actually also become the global name for all of the digital assets, and registered their brand name as a Top-Level Domain. Google, for instance, located their new blog platform, where they post news and information, on the domain That is a typical example of a branded top-level domain.”

Realtors can acquire their own Dot Realtor TLD by going online to — the first year is free. If ordering multiple domains or years, use the word discount as the promo code for a 10% saving.

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Cognition, Nuance, and Data Points…

Don’t let anyone kid you, they don’t know the value of your data. Don’t give it away before you know what it is worth.
“A new IBM global study of cognitive early adopters reveals nearly six in ten view cognitive computing as a “must have” for organizations to remain competitive within the next few years.
Digital businesses have been disrupting virtually every industry in the past several years, fundamentally transforming how they engage with customers and markets. Data is both the fuel and the product of digital transformation. By 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of information will be created every second for every person on Earth. While digital data represents a vast opportunity, its velocity, diversity, and complexity presents a major challenge. In fact, an estimated 99.5 percent of that digital data is never analyzed.
To keep a competitive edge, organizations will need to maximize the insights — the “digital intelligence” — they create from the vast data flows being generated by the digital revolution.
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Universal Acceptance — TLDs

With over 12 million new Top-level Domains in operation, it appears that a few software developers and website owners have yet to update their systems to keep pace with this evolving domain name system. Check out this helpful link created by the Universal Acceptance Steering Group —
The Universal Acceptance Steering Group is a community-based
team working to share their vision for the Internet of the future with those who construct this space: coders. The group’s primary objective is to help software developers and website owners understand how to update their systems in light of the rapid acceptance of the new TLDs. Its primary message is that Universal Acceptance will enable the next billion users to build their own spaces and identities online.
Of special interest to developers and programmers is the Domain Test
Domain Test is a tool designed to help developers test their applications for compatibility with new top-level domains (TLDs). Developed by Google and launched in a partnership between Google Registry and Ausregistry, CentralNic, Donuts, RightSide, and Uniregistry, Domain Test is an open source project available under the Apache 2 license and can be used across 145 new TLDs. It is freely available for use and modification.
This repository contains the documentation and code for Domain Test. For clarity, the documentation uses the term “new TLDs” to refer to the universe of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), new country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs), and internationalized domain names (IDNs).
The Domain Test service runs on AppEngine and is available for any developer to use. However, depending on what type of new TLD you want to test, you can substitute any of the strings in the Domain Test TLDs section of this documentation.
Of interest, the Universal Acceptance site also references a number of examples of new TLDs currently in use — Top Websites using New gTLDs –
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What would it be worth to be able to predict the future…with accuracy?

This is about the data, not the politics. Why all of the fuss over data? With data, you can accurately predict the future. Being able to tell the future could be a great, competitive advantage.

Don’t be so quick to give your MLS data away to outsiders.

Google calls it in New Hampshire.


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