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Centennial Celebration of REALTOR® Brand

NAR Centennial celebration of the REALTOR® brand – www.100years.REALTOR

As part of the 100th anniversary of the REALTOR® trademark, NAR has produced an informative short video that covers the history of the brand and reviews the rules governing members’ use of the trademark. See

In addition, NAR has created a special website in honor of “100 years of distinction” for the REALTOR® brand. Very fitting that NAR makes use of its recently-acquired Top-level domain to direct traffic to www.100years.REALTOR  . I’m sure they could have used the URL but I think having the message to the left of the dot and the brand to the right of the dot is more memorable. From a branding perspective, having the brand appear at the end is preferable to having it end with .org or .com

You’ll find another video and screenshots of some of the early advertisements of the REALTOR® name at – as well as a friendly reminder that the word is properly pronounced in two syllables with emphasis on the first; that is, REAL-TOR (and not REEL-I-TER, or RE-AL-I-TER).

There is an “Add Your Story” section that encourages REALTORS® to contribute a personal story as to what they’ve done in terms of community service and going the extra mile for consumers. At , “…we want you to tell us what you’re doing in your communities. Do you repair dilapidated homes? Volunteer at a local shelter? Maybe your passion is serving veterans, tutoring students, or organizing pledge drives. Take a picture of the charitable endeavor you’re proud of and tell us about it. Your submission will be part of an online project that will show who REALTORS® are and what you’re made of.”
See all Stories –

Congratulations NAR on the Centennial celebration of the REALTOR® brand.

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List for Free Real Estate Brokerage

Congratulations to Takeshi Sekiguchi on bringing his venture to the Mainland. I will be very interested to watch for traction in my market, San Diego.

I think that many would agree that the real estate model in North America, with all of its positive aspects, is and has been flawed for a long time, and that many of the early promises of technology have yet to be realized. We could all sit down and tell endless tales about the problems, issues, politics, data, MLS, unprofessionalism, etc.

This is my premature take. While we won’t know for a while, this model, from my perspective, has promise based on a number of things (Promise does not equate to sure success).

I have not seen the platform or the business plan…or their success in the Islands, and how they stacked up against the competition…but the ideas I have seen, with the right leadership and commitment, coupled with execution…and deep enough pockets, can have an impact and create major disruption, and corresponding opportunity, bringing social as well as technological innovation to the marketplace.

“List for free, buy for three” is a line we have heard and discussed frequently over the last few years. The listing side of the equation, with all of the attempts to shore up, has lost value and could lose more in the future. We have always said that the “data” is valuable. SRE thinks it is to the tune of more than half of the commission.

We would be fooling ourselves (or SRE would be missing a major point) if we did not also look at this as a major data acquisition strategy (as we saw with NAR and ZipForms a few months ago).

An important distinction…I don’t see this as a discount play…it is being positioned as a value added play. Charging less, for better service, is not a discount, but is value added, and one of the eight top consumer demands.

One more point, is the issue of anti-trust, as this is sure to get broker commission conversations going. Be careful.

Having said all of that, this is a tough business…”time, patience, and perseverance shall accomplish all things”…does Mr. Sekiguchi have what it takes? I would be a little more optimistic if Teke would have described him as a Multi- Billionaire:-)

SRE Matrix has used technology, discounts and salaried agents to make inroads in Hawaii and plans to generate much of its revenue by charging vendors for exposure on a proprietary end-to-end platform. The brokerage expands to Los Angeles, Las…
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New gTLDs: Just A Passing Fad?

It is hard to believe  30 years have elapsed since the first top level domains appeared as an integral part of the Internet search process. Back then, there were only a few extensions to choose from – such as .com; .org; .net. The early adopters grabbed the most attractive domain names, while many others hesitated to act, some of them voicing their concern that this Internet naming convention was just a “passing fad.”

Fast forward to today and we are hearing the same “passing fad” commentary with respect to the recent release of hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs).  Is it just a fad? Well, we don’t think so. We believe that everyone must be ready to evolve their digital strategy over the next few years and recognize that the Internet is changing. This is just the beginning. A new generation of the Internet. It’s the biggest paradigm shift since the Internet began.

The question of a “passing fad” was raised during a most interesting session at the 2015 NAR Conference & Expo entitled “The New Internet: What You Need To Know,” moderated by NAR VP Ken Burlington. The three expert panelists agreed that this new internet was not a passing fad. It is here to stay and those concerned with their brand and permanent Internet presence need to take action today.


Sarah Langstone, Director of Strategic Accounts, Verisign, noted that history is filled with many examples of communication mediums that start off with a few choices, such as the original limited number of TV stations that then exploded into hundreds of channels and networks. According to Sarah, what is happening in the domain name world is just a natural extension of what happened to other communication methods within the world.

Kurt Pritz, former Chief Strategy Officer for ICANN and the original architect of the new generic Top-level Domains (gTLDs) felt that we are still in the “build-up stage” with the gTLDs and that there is still much to be done to create awareness of the TLDs before it can even reach a level to say it is a fad. And he says this despite the fact that in a relatively short period there are now nearly 10 million registered new top-level domains.

The remaining panelist, Alan Bush, Director of SEO, Ignite Visibility sees the new TLDs as an opportunity to reinforce one’s name and brand on the Internet. He encouraged the audience to “own more web real estate,” whether as a primary domain or a supplemental domain that points to the main site. Create multiple footprints.  If someone has a well-established domain and website, the new TLD can be used to reinforce the brand by perhaps pointing it to one’s blog or profile on Facebook, LinkedIn or broker page.

All the panelists complimented NAR on establishing the .REALTOR and .realestate TLDs and leading the pack of Dot Brands and setting trends in how the Internet is being used in the future.


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New gTLDs – Dot Bank


Banks nationwide start moving to more secure websites with launch of .bank

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Opt In / Opt Out

The concept revolutionized the data distribution models in the real estate industry. What might it do to the Voting Industry? I just read that Oregon is going to Opt Out voter registration.

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highest and best use

An appraisal term meaning that reasonable use, at the time of the property appraisal, that is most likely to produce the greatest net return to the land and/or the building over a given period of time. The use must be legal and in compliance with regulations and ordinances within the police power of the county and state, including health regulations, zoning ordinances, building code requirements and other regulations. The highest and best use is determined by evaluating the quantity and quality of income from various alternative land uses. Net return normally is interpreted in terms of money, although consideration may be given to such things as amenities.

For example, vacant land in a central business district currently used as a parking lot may or may not be employed at its highest and best use, depending on whether the surrounding market is ready for further commercial development. A gas station site may be more effective as a fast-food facility or a dry cleaners.

For appraisal purposes, land is always valued as if vacant and available for development to its highest and best use. The estate taxes and the real property taxes paid by an owner of unimproved real estate are usually based on the highest and best use of the land rather than the use to which it is actually devoted.

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Dot REALTOR Consumer Campaign

With over 100,000 .REALTOR Top-level domains on the Internet, NAR is mapping out a consumer awareness campaign aimed at letting consumers know that the way to find a trusted source in real estate is to look at the web address. A theme of the campaign is this: “After all, if it isn’t a .REALTOR web address, how does a consumer instantly know they are working with a REALTOR®?

The first commercial aired on North American United Airlines flights throughout May. The Internet is changing. It’s becoming more organized and industry-specific. This video shows consumers more about the new Internet, how it’s changing, and how .REALTOR is making it easy for consumers to find trustworthy real estate information online.

More information about the Dot REALTOR TLD is available at www.About.REALTOR

Among the benefits are 1) Consumer Campaigns — NAR will have consumer campaigns to educate the public about the .REALTOR web addresses as a source they can trust to make the biggest financial decision of their life; and 2) Positioning REALTORS® with a competitive edge in the online real estate space by enabling the opportunity for future innovation. Example: Creating .REALTOR search engines, making it easy to locate REALTORS® and real estate services.

Only REALTORS® may claim a .REALTOR domain – it is what is known as a restricted domain. To claim a .REALTOR domain, go to www.Claim.REALTOR — NAR is offering each member a free domain for one year. When purchasing more domains, you can receive a 10% discount on your order by using this Promo Code word:  discount


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New PayPal User Agreement – July 1, 2015

Do you use PayPal either as a consumer or a merchant? If so, PayPal has announced modifications to the PayPal User Agreement effective July 1, 2015 that all users must agree to as a condition to using PayPal’s services. If you don’t agree, you cannot use PayPal.

Advance word on the planned modifications has created quite a stir among not only account holders but also the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who in a June 11, 2015 letter to PayPal expressed serious concerns that “these amendments may violate federal laws governing the use of autodialed, prerecorded, and artificial voice calls, including text messages.” For details:

There are two controversial provisions in the proposed PayPal amendments found at

The first is a very aggressive policy with respect to users consenting to ROBO calls and text messaging – “You consent to receive autodialed or prerecorded calls and text messages from PayPal at any telephone number that you have provided us or that we have otherwise obtained…(and allow us to) contact you with offers and promotions.” Currently there is no opt-out mechanism.

The FCC noted that: “If PayPal plans to make autodialed, prerecorded, or artificial voice calls or text messages to its customers, please be aware that federal law places strict limits on such communications. For more than two decades, federal lawmakers have sought to protect consumers from harassing, intrusive, and unwanted calls and text messages. The FCC recognizes that “automated or prerecorded telephone calls [are] a greater nuisance and invasion of privacy than live solicitation calls,” and that “such calls can be costly and inconvenient” for consumers. FCC regulations therefore require that before a company may make any prerecorded or artificial voice telemarketing calls to residential phones or autodialed, prerecorded or artificial voice calls or texts to wireless phones, the company must obtain the prior express written consent of the recipients.”

The FCC concluded that “PayPal ‘s amended User Agreement does not give consumers notice of their right to refuse consent to calls that require consumer consent from PayPal, its affiliates, and its service providers. If PayPal fails to include this required notice and/or fails to allow its users to refuse such consent, we are concerned that consent is in fact a condition of purchase of PayPal’s service and thus violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and could subject PayPal, its affiliates, and its service providers to penalties of up to $16,000 per call or text message.”

In light of these serious concerns of the FCC, it is possible that the proposed amendments to the User Agreement will be modified with respect to the ROBO call provisions. Users will want to carefully read the July 1 amendments to see if the FCC concerns have been addressed.

Another controversial provision in the proposed amendment covers Intellectual Property rights. Although the essence of this provision has been in existence for a long time, most users will be reading it for the first time and may be surprised with the over-broad language. For example: “When providing us with content or posting content in each case for publication, whether on-or off-line using the Services, you grant the PayPal Group a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, trademarks, database rights and intellectual property rights and intellectual property rights you have in the content…in any media known now or in the future.”

Although broad in scope, the provision is not much different from what is found in many social media forums. At the present time, it is hard to envision what type of content that users provide that can be monetized (such as in the form of derivative products). However, in the age of big data, and the fact that PayPal may be in a growth mode now that it has transitioned into a separate company from its original parent eBay, Inc, PayPal could be laying the groundwork for future uses.

Time will tell what the long term effect will be with the new mandatory amendments to the PayPal User Agreement. One thing for sure, PayPal has taken a big hit in the Public Relations arena.


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Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS looking for new Executive Director

For widest distribution:

Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS® Executive Director Posting

If interested, contact:

Stacey Barnes

Director of Research and Operations

Association Options

Main: 651-236-0901

Direct: 804-897-6379

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Who is predicting the demise of Zillow?

I haven’t seen anyone predicting a Zillow demise, except Zillow employees who constantly repeat it, I guess, because they believe that is what they are seeing in posts across the Internet. To deny that there is any issue at Zillow around Move’s move to cut off Listhub listings is ridiculous.

Big deal Zillow, 43 new contracts in 12 days, many signed in haste because of artificial urgency that the hype and press has created…there are over 800 MLSs. A better barometer would be the listings that will be displayed from those feed contracts. But let’s wait and see what happens on April 7. Remember, contracts with MLSs do not mean listings necessarily. If your MLS does not send your listings to Zillow, and you want them there, then load them yourself.

So, at the rate of 43 in 12 days, you should have about 100 out of 850 MLSs by April 7. Hardly a critical mass.

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