Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

Dramatic Increase In Number Of Women In Business

​​​​​​​Terri Murphy
Jan. 25, 2022
10 min

Did you know….

That the number of women in business has dramatically increased!  According to Fundera.com, there has been an increase of 114% more women entrepreneurs today than 20 years ago! 

And today, we are witnessing the glass ceiling being shattered as more incredibly powerful women leaders emerge and spread their influence, in all fields, especially real estate.

The acceleration of C-Suite females has been dramatic, and steadily growing over the years, but not at a fast enough pace. Chief Executive Group posted a report in 2021 stating that Headlines are touting 2021 as a “banner year” for women’s leadership in corporate America.  

The post goes on to report that for the first time in history, two Fortune 500 companies have women of color at the helm.  

CVS Health is now the highest-ranking business ever head up by a woman, as has Citigroup who appointed the first woman ever to run a major Wall Street Bank.

The point here is that in 2021 the number of women running Fortune 500 companies hit an all-time record of 41.

That’s 41 out of 500 CEO’s are women, calculated to be 8%. So, the “hype” that women are escalating in corporate America to C Suite positions of course, should be celebrated, but when closely inspected, it still isn’t where it should be!

The disparities still exist with men versus women in C-Suites, but there are some impressive women out there going beyond corporate leadership into helping other women advance.

Sue Yannaccone
Women helping women is evident in the meteoric growth of Sue Yannaccone’s leadership.  With over two decades in the industry, she rose up as the first female President and CEO at Realogy Franchise Group. In 2021, Forbes included her in the Worlds’ Top Female Friendly Companies, spotlighting her support of women in real estate. 

Sue launched the “What Moves Her” campaign in 2020 to help women in real estate develop leadership skills to meet their professional development goals.  Sue authentically shares why learning to set boundaries allows her to create her best life while being available to her family, and to the company’s needs. 

Tami Bonnell
We watched the unlimited collaborative power of powerhouse Tami Bonnell, the CEO of EXIT Realty with admiration as she built the company with amazing energy, focus, and pure grit through her own boots on the ground.  She understands and recognizes the power of engagement and crushed the barrier of “ivory tower management” by traveling to each and every office to personally meet the team members.

In this initiative, Tami tapped into her exceptional relationship skills to warmly and authentically establish connections with the people in the offices. As a result of her skills, she built an international company of stellar professionals who adhere to the highest level of culture and values.  

Yes, there are those high-level corporate types that have gritted their way through the ranks and have achieved that C-level status, but they had to start somewhere.

Keira Ingram 
A prime example is Keira Ingram. The self-dubbed, “Real Estate Queenpin” helps advance individuals to be Real Estate Bosses.

Keira is a woman on a mission who owns her own multi-state brokerage, focusing on real estate services with a focus on creating homeownership options for the black and brown communities. In addition to managing multiple offices, she is a mother of four, a minister, an author, and the founder/owner of Advantage Business Academy (ABA), a virtual learning option to help aspiring agents achieve their real estate careers. 

She leads her teams to give back to the communities they serve through volunteering, conducting free homeownership, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, investment workshops, and more. 
The point here is that women have exceeded getting degrees over men, and are well equipped for leadership in any capacity, whether it be globally or locally. 

The pay scales are still off, but when you observe the persistence and focus of women at the top, you can be assured that women will continue to be on the rise!

Terri Murphy

Terri brings a depth of industry experience and education to her customers and clients. As a top producing sales professional, she ranked in the top 1% of a major national franchise.

Contact: terri@terrimurphy.com
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