What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

What happens when the market shifts?

​​​​​​​Terri Murphy
June 6, 2022
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June 5, 2022-What happens when the market shifts?

Consumer confidence is impacted by rising interest rates that have helped cool the explosive real estate market. Home appreciation values have doubled and more in the past couple of years, making affordability tough, and even tougher for the first-time buyer or for anyone wanting to get into home ownership

This poses a number of challenges for both buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals.

Here are some ways help more people get affordable housing:

  • Data that helps customers:

A strong awareness and understanding of data that can impact a customer will help better fit their real estate goals. Armed with data that is highly relevant and tightly hyper local supports engagement with your target market, can optimize your website traffic and create a strong celebrity authority in a local marketplace


  • Accurate local data

When an agent is highly knowledgeable about the many facets of a transaction, they  create confidence and craft marketing messages that provide value to clients, customers, and prospects. At a time when inventory has fast turnover and less housing options are available, an agent with reliable data supports buyer and seller investment decisions.

  • Consumers want Safe Sales

One of the most highly concerning issues for sellers is selling their primary residence and then be unable to find another property to fit their needs. Smart agents help by supplying resources that offer  buy before you sell programs. These programs offer services like pre-approval, full underwriting for their next home loan including down payment assistance allowing them to purchase their home before selling. Additional services also cover paying the previous mortgage. Moving becomes easier as well allowing for the home seller to move into their new property before selling their current residence. In addition, some services prepay staging and upgrades to the present property for a fast and easier sale.

  • Cash Offer programs:

If you’ve got a property in a hot market, you are sure to have experienced several calls a week asking if you have interest in selling your property for cash, without listing, paying commissions or holding an open house. Cash offer services like FlyHomes.com offer programs for both existing and first-time homebuyers.

·        Alternative mortgage solutions are back...and the many other solutions that have been languishing since the big boom but are now more in demand. Mortgages require agents to understand the particular property ownership objectives of their clients and customers, and then know how to educate them on the benefits and drawbacks of these different types of mortgage solutions


●  WRAP Around Mortgages – This this type of instrument may violate the due on sale clause, but with the help of a legal professional in some areas would help structure these.

●   FHA and VA mortgages – As interest rates rise, especially first-time buyers will look to find mortgages that are both easier and assumable. Technically they are assumable provided the buyer qualifies. As an example, an FHA loan at 3.25% is worth a lot of money when rates are closer to 5.0%.

●  With sellers enjoying high equity levels, many properties may already be paid in full, allowing for the seller to be the finance solution for buyers who don’t quite qualify due to relocation, new jobs, etc.

●  Lease with option to purchase or a straight lease purchase agreements are also alternative ways for buyers to buy and sellers to sell.


The real estate market will continue to transform, but there will always be a need for affordable housing. It is imperative that real estate professionals help all consumers enjoy the ability to own real estate.

Terri Murphy

Terri brings a depth of industry experience and education to her customers and clients. As a top producing sales professional, she ranked in the top 1% of a major national franchise.

Contact: terri@terrimurphy.com
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